Welcome to TAI-KA CO., LTD!

TAI-KA CO., LTD. is the sister company of TAI-KA BUSINESS CO., LTD., founded
in 1968 and TAI-KA TOYS AND DOLLS INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD., authorized by the
Ministry of Commerce and Industry in 1971.
We are established in 1976 to produce and supply various cosmetic containers for
the famous cosmetic firms in Korea. During the time we build new factory in Banwol
Complex to improve the productivity and quality.
Steadily increasing demand could be covered by the modern facilities and the
capable technicians which resulted in to produce more than 7 million cosmetic containers
including aluminum caps in 1982.
TAI-KA CO., LTD. is now one of the leading manufacturers and professional
container suppliers for all kinds of cosmetic container fields in the world. We have been
engaged in exporting easy & fast supply of all cosmetic container fields to number of
countries such as the United States, Canada and France for many years.
We are all anxious to do business with you at the opportunity of extending our
business activities. Our fashionable cosmetic cases guaranteed by the accumulated
techniques will be enough to satisfy you with quality. Our confidence and thorough quality
control will be able to show you the artistic colors and designs to meet and outperform the
international standard.
We hope your good advice and receiving your favorable reply in the near future.